Artist : Anubis Gate

Album : Covered in Black

Release Date : 06-10-2017

Added : 31-01-2018

'Covered in Black' is the seventh studio album of the Danish of ‘Anubis Gate' who is a progressive metal band and this last baby is not necessarily accessible at first listen because their compositions are complex and dense with rhythm and intensity breaks and melodic lines are less marked than in their previous opus. In addition, with the theme addressed related to the dark side of life and human nature, they have naturally densified their sound. Let's take for example about the first title 'Psychtopia' : it starts in an explosion of heavy riffs with a song sung in total rupture and then back again the devastating riffs. Past the powerful chorus, a new break with a very quiet classical part classical with a piano and the title ends as it began. The suite embarks us in oriental sounds with 'The New Delhi Assassination' and 'Operation Cairo', the central part of the album with the triptych 'Black', 'Blacker' and 'Blackest' is typical of a progressive metal with multi-faceted, and we even have, at the end of the title 'From Afar', a glance to 'The Wall' of the 'Floyds'. In summary, 'Covered in Black' is a dense and varied album of very high quality which takes all its dimension listening after listening and which should join the ideal collection of any amateur of elaborate progressive metal...

Line Up / Musicians

Henrik Fevre (Vocal, Bass), Kim Olesen (Guitar, Keybords), Michael Bodin (Guitar), Morten Sørensen (Drums)