Artist : Overland

Album : Contagious

Release Date : 21-10-2016

Added : 26-03-2017

Melodic rock bands have been blooming for some time and it’s not 1, but 4 albums that I propose you with the English of ‘Overland' who released their 4th album end of 2016 'Contagious', and then the Swedes of ‘Age Of Reflections' with their new baby 'In The Heat Of The Night', 'Bryan Cole' with 'Sands Of Time' and a lot of covers of other artists, and finally 'Tokyo Motor Fist' which is a new group with artists of different horizons who released their first album. All 4 produce accessible and digestible titles with usually classic verse/chorus structure. Alternating rhythmic titles as "Edge Of The Universe' for 'Overland', 'Blame It In My Heart' for 'Age Of Reflections', 'Pride Of Lions' resumed 'Turn To Me' for 'Bryan Cole' or even 'Love Me Insane' for 'Tokyo Motor Fist' with melodic ballads like 'Define Your Love' for 'Overland', 'Always' to 'Age Of Reflections', 'I ll Be There For You' for 'Bryan Cole' or even 'Don't Let Me Go' for 'Tokyo Motor Fist'. In short, these 4 albums will be certainly welcomed by all rock melodic amateur, fans of bands in line with 'Foreigner', 'Def Leppard' or more recently 'Last Autumn's Dream'...

Line Up / Musicians

Steve Overland (Vocal), Lars Chriss (Drums), Tommy Denander (Guitars, Keybords), Tony Franklin (Bass) + Guests : Jem Davis (Keybords), Mark Stanway (Keybords), Paul Farrington (Keybords)