Artist : Beast In Black

Album : From Hell with Love

Release Date : 09-02-2019

Added : 26-03-2019

'Beast In Black' is a project of the Finnish 'Anton Kabanen' who, after his leaving from 'Battle Beast', who he was the founder, has created this new band with the singer 'Yannis Papadopoulos' who brings a real plus to the band because it has such a wide register that one has the impression that he could appropriate all the styles. How to say, 'Beast In Black' is sort of a kind of hybrid creature that is a cross between the variety of the 80s brought by the use of synthesizers and the power metal brought by the riffs saturated with guitars. Listening to the begening of some titles, such as 'From Hell With Love', 'Sweet True Lies' or 'Die By the Blade', we are very far from the metal but a few seconds later, the power of the guitars is there to remind us that 'Beast In Black' is there to deliver us energetic compositions 'for feet', as the French artist 'Goldman' would say. As an example, the first 3 compositions set the scene with melodies that take you away and get into your head immediately. The rest continues in this style and I come back on 'Die By the Blade' which starts from a disco base which has been accelerated and 'metalized' and whose result is quite surprising. Of course, they also offer us a well-deserved break with the ballad 'Oceandeep' where 'Yannis Papadopoulos' also shows that he knows how to use his voice of head and this of beautiful way. We can note also 2 covers at the end of the album, 'Killed by Death' from 'Motorhead' and 'No Easy Way Out' from the soundtrack of 'Rocky IV' ('Robert Tepper'), both transformed to taste of the day. In summary, 'From Hell with Love', is an album filled with hits to consume without moderation and if you are a fan of metal and that the fact of metalizing melodies of international variety does not put you off, go ahead listen this last album of ' Beast In Black '...

Line Up / Musicians

Anton Kabanen (Vocal, Guitar), Yannis Papadopoulos (Vocal), Kasperi Heikkinen (Guitar), Mate Molnar (Bass), Atte Palokangas (Drums)