Artist : Catfish

Album : Dohyô

Release Date : 14-10-2016

Added : 01-03-2017

'Catfish' is the project of two French 'Amandine Guinchard' and 'Damien Felix' who have released their 2nd album 'Dohuö'. Apart from the fashions and from the little conformism of the French song, they explore ways from rock to blues. At first listening, it seems to be direct and simple but it hides an important writing and arrangement work with a geat variety in the different compositions : 'Landmarks' is a catchy rock title, 'Rebirth' or 'The Feaher' make me think of the tempos of 'Pretenders' with the ‘Amandine’s voice which is close to the vocal register of ‘Chrissie Hynde’, 'The Three' is a ballad with a wonderful exchange between the voice and the guitar, and about 'Lost And Found' blues, we feel a full merger between the 2 artists. In short, if you are a little tired of being manipulated by the media that always sell us all day the same type of music, point your ears to this French duo which shows that the hexagon produces regularly new talents, but it needs to go looking at them...

Line Up / Musicians

Amandine (Vocal, Bass, Keybords, Percussions), Damien (Guitar, Keybords, Vocal, Harmonica, Percussions)