Artist : V2

Album : Showdown

Release Date : 01-12-2016

Added : 30-04-2017

'V2' is a Dutch band that released 2 albums in the 90s and then nothing since. 2016 saw the release of a new album 'Showdown' that did not drive the buzz on the internet and that I discovered belatedly. First of all, it is the colorful artwork that attracted me and then, on first listen, we are taken to a melodic and varied rock/metal progressive that reminds me some bands like 'Sylvan' ('Hunt In Packs', 'Revelation Day') or 'Porcupine Tree' ('Judas Figure', 'Fist And Hand'). Note the latest instrumental title 'Sundance' which is a reinterpretation of a title of the 90s with 'Floyd’s influences. In conclusion, with this new album 'Showdown', 'V2' rises from its ashes and offers compositions that should please all lovers of progressive rock in general...

Line Up / Musicians

Marti van Gulik (Bass), Ernst Honingman (Vocal), Robert Voogt (Guitar), Bert Ettema (Guitae), Marti van Gulik (Drums), Robert Vogt (Percussions)