Artist : Robin Beck

Album : Love Is Coming

Release Date : 13-10-2017

Added : 31-12-2017

'Robin Beck' has nearly 40 years of career and 'Love Is Coming' is her 11th studio album. In a melodic rock style, she offers us 12 tracks, which are all potentially hits with some very catchy melodies. We navigate between rhythmic and powerful titles like 'Island', 'On The Bright Side', 'Love Is Coming' or the very rock 'Girl Like Me' and others quieter like 'In These Eyes', 'On to Something' or the very classic but nevertheless beautiful 'If You Only Know' where she knows how to transmit some emotion in the manner of 'Bonnie Tyler'. In short, although some will find it too commercial, the vocal performance of 'Robin Beck' is always of quality and 'Love Is Coming' is a very accessible album, to be consumed without moderation, and which will certainly be well received by all fans of melodic rock...

Line Up / Musicians

Robin Beck (Vocal), Clif Magness (Guitar, Bass, Keybords, Drums), Jeff Batter (Keybords), James Christian (Bass), Tommy Denander (Guitar)