Artist : Lost In Grey

Album : The Grey Realms

Release Date : 03-03-2017

Added : 15-04-2017

Deconcerting and Grandiose !! This is these 2 words that best describe what I felt when I first heard 'The Gray Realms', the first album by the Finnish of 'Lost In Grey'. They define themselves as playing metal theater and this definition is finally quite good. First, they tell the story of Lillian, a woman who tries to escape the cruelty of the world by taking refuge in a paradise, the 'grey kingdoms'. About music, it is a mix of metal and epic choirs with multi-drawer titles with frequent changes in tempo and atmosphere. At the vocal level, we ear more a story in several acts in which each protagonist is as much actor as singer. As often in this case, each title requires several listening to impregnate the whole and asks to be open to completely different genres even opposite because we navigate between lyrical opera and extreme metal. In short, 'Lost In Grey', with 'The Grey Realms', already show an undeniable talent even if this first album will probably be reserved to a restricted audience privileging diversity and loving the great musical gaps ...

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Line Up / Musicians

Aapo Lindberg (Bass), Anne Lill (Vocal), Emily Leone (Vocal / Violin), Harri Koskela (Vocal / Keybords), Joonas Pykälä-aho (Drums), Miika Haavisto (Guitars)