Artist : Black Paisley

Album : Late Bloomer

Release Date : 31-01-2017

Added : 06-03-2017

If I say 'Sweden', you say: 'Rock melodic'; well, it’s still a Swedes group which unveils us its first record and which makes us in an eighties rock with 9 tracks that could have certainly claim in this period to become hits. Here we have it all : good riffs of guitars, direct melodies with refrains to spoil a whole day, ubiquitous choirs and a singer in the person of 'Stefan Blomqvist' with a voice filled by a real feeling close to the late 'Joe Cocker'. In short, nothing to dislike in this 'Late Bloomer' that should appeal to the entire generation of the 70s/80s and certainly beyond because this music has not really age...

Line Up / Musicians

Stefan Blomqvist (Vocal, Guitar), Ulf Hedin (Guitar, Choirs), Robert Wirensjö (Keybords, Choirs), Jan Emanuelsson (Bass), Robert Karaszi (Drums)