Artist : Trust

Album : Hellfest 2017 - Au nom de la rage tour (live)

Release Date : 03-11-2017

Added : 07-01-2018

For the nostalgic of the 80s, the French group 'Trust' has released its live Hellfest 2017. The first 3 albums ‘L’élite’, ‘Répression’ et ‘Marche ou Crève’ are far away : at that time, 'Trust' served as an extra-terrestrial in the French musical landscape because we discovered that we could do, and do well, hard rock in France and they helped to democratize this style and they arrived to make 'Antisocial' a French standard !! Certainly, the years have passed but 'Bernie' keeps this revolt voice, guitar riffs are still intact and despite a very (too) short show and a questionable choice of titles (not easy to place in a short time all nuggets of the first 3 albums), this live has the merit of making us come back to those years when we danced screaming on ‘Préfabriqués’, ‘Palace’ and of course ‘Antisocial’. In short, even if some will always find fault, we must tell ourselves that 'Trust' has 40 years old and one thing we can’t remove is that it’s always punchy, even with these few more years...

Line Up / Musicians

Bernie Bonvoisin (Vocal), Christian Dupuy (Drums), David Jacob (Bass), Ismaila "Iso" Diop (Guitars), Norbert "Nono" Krief (Guitars)