Artist : Birdeatsbaby

Album : The World Conspires

Release Date : 18-10-2019

Added : 06-12-2019

'Birdeatsbaby' is an English band that is now about ten years old and is already releasing its 5th studio album. They also released an album of covers a few months ago (see here ). Originally, they define themselves as doing 'dark progressive' and listening to their first album 'Here She Comes-a-Tumblin', it is not necessarily the qualifier that comes to my mind because this first opus , musically speaking, is closer to a cabaret atmosphere far enough from this 'dark' label. Over the last 10 years, they have evolved by expanding their compositions and the result is quite surprising because they mix quite different genres: it is difficult to find references in other artists because they really have a personality apart which makes all the richness of this last opus brimming with creativity.
From the beginning, the short 'Hold Your Breath' takes us into an universe in which 'Mishkin Fitzgerald' brings a melancholy touch, then, 'Paintkiller', always in a rather slow tempo, hardens the tone with a crescendo that borrows from aggressiveness of metal, then, 'ZeroFortyThree' continues in a theatrical atmosphere with a progressive construction and with changes of rhythm and intensity. With the eponymous title of the album, we have a good example of this variety with a powerful part filled by saturated guitar riffs that frames a very refined part, then, the slow tempo of 'Lady Gray' makes it a hypnotic title that climbs in crescendo, and as for 'How Do I', it is an acoustic title in which 'Mishkin Fitzgerald' offers us a beautiful vocal prestation. The following scrolls different styles with for example 'Esmeralda' between blues and jazz, the symphonic 'Hurricane', 'Ropes' and its cozy atmosphere of cabaret, or this succession of 3 tracks (I love their juxtaposition) with, all of first, a baroque classic from Purcell 'Dido's Lament' in which 'Mishkin Fitzgerald' introduces us to his lyrical register, then the crazy 'Kill No One' close to punk style, and finally 'Bad Blood' which alternates sensual and unbridled atmospheres.

In short, 'The World Conspires' is an album containing an extraordinary richness in the variety of compositions and which therefore unfolds, litle by litle, listenings after listenings, but, other side of the coin, will certainly be destined at an informed public who loves above all the diversity and great discrepancy in music...

Line Up / Musicians

Mishkin Fitzgerald (Vocal, Piano), Hana Maria (Violin, Cello, Vocal), Garry Mitchell (Bass, Guitar), Anna Mylee (Drums, Percussions)