Artist : From the Dust Returned

Album : A Seven Days Long Wait

Release Date : 27-03-2020

Added : 17-05-2020

'From the Dust Returned' is an Italian progressive metal group which was formed in 2015 on the initiative of guitarist and singer 'Alex De Angelis' with a first EP 'Homecoming' in 2017 and 2020 sees the release of their first studio recording in the form of an LP of 10 tracks for a total of 48 minutes. I quote their page ’Bancamp’ : « ‘A Seven Days Long Wait’, is a concept album about a journey of purification necessary to be reborn to new life. A seven days long wait to be able to embark on that journey in which all senses and all ties to past life will be lost. Forget everything about yourself to get back to the mother’s womb ».

Musically, they mix rock and progressive metal with forays into other styles and this album requires a few listenings to take advantage of every nook and cranny. After the sweet instrumental introduction 'Where It All Begin' with a piano playing some notes, 'Mother's Womb' welcomes us with an acoustic guitar and keyboard sounds close to 'RPWL' and takes us into sought-after progressive rock with different parts even incorporating a jazzy passage towards the end of the title, then, 'A Narrow Passage' hardens the tone for a title that mixes hard-rock from the 70s and modern sounds with a remarkable vocal performance of 'Alex De Angelis'. Follows the eponymous title of the album which begins in a serene atmosphere then which alternates the tempos and the intensities until an explosion on the end of the title and a final with an unleashed rhythmic section , then, after the short instrumental 'The Herald's Choice', 'Tears' brings us back to progressive rock in a disturbing atmosphere with a first part made up of a succession of strong and weak beats and a second much more energetic part to finish on a rather technical instrumental part with a piano in the style of 'Keith Emerson'. The following gives us the slow repetitive tempo of 'Porcelain Cup' with two ramps up on the whole track, then 'White Noise', which after an atmospheric introduction, deploys an elaborate progressive metal, the album ending, everything first, by the 7 minutes of 'The Undertow' which alternates serenity and energy and which is a good summary of the album, and then by the short instrumental 'The End of the Beginning' which echoes the first instrumental.

In summary, the Italians of 'From the Dust Returned' released an album to discover little by little, listening after listening and which, ultimately, turns out to be of high quality thanks to musicians of great talent and 'A Seven Days Long Wait' is intended for an audience who likes a sought-after progressive mixing different styles...

Line Up / Musicians

Alex De Angelis (Vocal, Guitar), Eddie Vagenius (Drums), Alessandro Finocchiaro (Bass), Emanuele Marchione (Guitar, Keybords)