Artist : Overcoming

Album : Crisis

Release Date : 13-10-2017

Added : 10-01-2018

'Overcoming' is an Argentinian group that performs between progressive metal and symphonic and after an EP in 2013, they released their first studio album 'Crisis'. Strangely, the beginning of the opus focuses on progressive compositions and therefore a little less easy to access but with a great richness whereas from 'Fuera de Foco', it is the symphonic side that takes over with titles much less metal and more melodic like the ballad 'Out Of Place' or 'Aquí. Ahora!' that highlight their Hispanic influence (‘Out Of Place’ being the only composition sung in English). The culmination is of course the last title of more than 18 minutes which is a great epic fresco which mixes symphonic and progressive with multiple twists. In summary, 'Overcoming' is a very original band that is out of the ordinary, mixing rock and symphonic metal with a touch of progressive but however accessible, and if you are open to all of these genres and you don’t mind singing in Spanish, you should appreciate this 'Crisis'...

Line Up / Musicians

Sebastián Luna (Guitar, Vocal, Keybords), Juan Di Bernardo (Guitar), Gastón Quiroga (Bass), Leonardo Loza (Drums, Choirs)