Artist : World Trade

Album : Unify

Release Date : 04-08-2017

Added : 09-10-2017

Another new discovery for me with the Americans of 'World Trade' that already exist for an important number of years because their first 2 albums date from 1989 and 1995 and 'Unify' issues more than 20 years after the last one. They officiate in a progressive rock in the line of groups like 'Yes' or 'Toto'. Entry, 'The New Norm' takes us in a light atmosphere with choirs that make it a very accessible title. The suite remains very aerial with compositions elaborated tinted eighties but nevertheless classic in their structure with always the search for beautiful vocal harmonies. In summary, this 'Unify' is made for all the fans of a progressive rock born a few decades ago and popularized by groups like 'Yes' or 'Genesis'...

Line Up / Musicians

Billy Sherwood (Vocal / Bass), Bruce Gowdy (Guitars), Guy Allison (Keybords), Mark T. Williams (Drums)