Artist : The Music Therapy Experiment

Album : Genus Equus

Release Date : 01-05-2017

Added : 09-09-2017

We change completely of music genre with 'The Music Therapy Experiment' which is composed of 2 multi-instrumentists who propose us a mix of rock, blues, classical and jazz between progressive rock and swing jazz in an elaborate style giving way to some improvisation. It's time for more than an hour of music, with firstly, the short and energetic introduction 'Akhal-Teke' and then the long title 'Deep Space Crossover' of almost 12 minutes which takes us in an atmosphere between psychedelic and jazzy a bit like an improvisation to the 'Santana'. Note in this title the reference to the ode to joy of the 9th symphony of 'Beethoven'. The next step make us travel in different atmospheres with, for example, 'Arbitrary Confidence', close to 'Mike Oldfield', the classic blues 'Running on Bordeline', the felted and jazzy 'Apology' and the energetic 'Copper Globlins' mixing rock and jazz. In short, there is something for everyone, and therefore 'Genus Equus' is a rich and varied album, but nevertheless accessible and intended for a public loving the long instrumental titles and being open to different musical genres...

Line Up / Musicians

John Kline (Guitar, Bass, Keybords, Vocal), Mark Christianson (Drums, Bass, Keybords)