Artist : Temperance

Album : Maschere – A Night at the Theater (Live)

Release Date : 08-09-2017

Added : 21-11-2017

'Temperance' is an Italian symphonic metal band which has already released 3 studio albums and which became known by making among other things first parts of 'NIghtwish' or 'Epica'. Surfing on the wave made by their elders, they release in 2017 a live recorded in a theater, the 'Teatro Sociale' of Alba in Italy. For the occasion, they used a chorus and a set of strings to reinforce the epic side of their compositions which already have initially a transalpine melodic touch. With this double CD, it's the 20 tracks of the concert that follow one another in a very fast pace with musicians in great shape and we can point the remarkable performance of the singer’s duo 'Chiara Tricarico' and 'Marco Pastorini' because few groups of symphonic metal can boast of such complicity. It is impossible to cite all titles, but honestly, there is no time out and in addition, they offer us, as in our old concerts of yesteryear, a drum solo and a title where the bassist have a great time ('Bass Solo'). In short, this live that also exists on DVD version is a very successful album where 'Temperance' control their subject from start to finish and 'Mashere' should please all symphonic metal fans loving groups like 'Epica' or 'Delain'...

Line Up / Musicians

Chiara Tricarico (Vocal), Marco Pastorini Guitar, Vocal), Luca Negro (Bass), Alfonso Mocerino (Drums)