Artist : Armed Cloud

Album : Master Device & Slave Machines

Release Date : 27-11-2017

Added : 17-01-2018

'Armed Cloud' is a Dutch progressive metal band that released its second studio album 'Master Device & Slave Machines'. The composer 'Wouter van der Veen' is influenced by the progressive current with bands like 'Dream Theater' as well as by more classical rock/metal bands : the compositions are characterized by energetic guitar riffs and a rhythmic section drums/bass that plays an important role both in the fast tempos ('Save Youself') than the slowest ones ('The Cack'). In general, the songs are melodic and therefore catchy at first listen but also varied : the ballad 'Mirror Mirage' is a welcome break but the two titles that stand out are 'Warhead' 8 minutes with its heavy and theatrical atmosphere and 'Dancing Spirit' which with its 10 minutes contains several atmospheres and makes a title between rock and metal, mixing symphonic and progressive. In summary, with 'Master Device & Slave Machines', the Dutchmen of Armed Cloud' have all the assets to make them a beautiful place within the sphere of the progressive metal and show that the progressive style is not only reserved for an informed public...

Line Up / Musicians

Wouter van der Veen (Guitars, Choirs), Boris Suvee (Bass), Remco van der Veen (Keybords, Choirs), Daan Dekker (Vocal), Rico Noijen (Drums)