Artist : My Own Ghost

Album : Life on Standby

Release Date : 07-04-2017

Added : 22-08-2017

'My Own Ghost' is a Luxembourg band created in 2013, led by the singer 'Julie Rodesch' and which have accompanied 'Tarja' early 2017 on some concerts of her European tour. Side style, it is a mix of rock and metal with a touch of electronic sounds. The first title of their last album 'Life on Standby' reminds me a bit of 'Delain' because Julie's voice is like 'Charlotte Wessels'. Other songs are more rock, like 'Everytime I Break' and others between pop, rock and metal formatted for radio like 'Alive', '10 Weeks of Summer 'or' If I Stay '. In short, this last album of 'My Own Ghost' is a good surprise for 2017 with various and catchy modern titles that should please a large audience...

Line Up / Musicians

Julie Rodesch (Vocal), Fred Brever (Guitar), David Soppelsa (Guitar), Joe May (Bass), Michael Stein (Drums)