Artist : Moonparticle

Album : Hurricane Esmeralda

Release Date : 20-01-2018

Added : 08-03-2018

'Niko Tsonev' is none other than the former guitarist of 'Steven Wilson' and he launched a new project 'Moonparticle' and for the occasion, he surrounded himself with renowned artists such as the pianist jazz 'Adam Holzman', who worked with 'Miles Davis', but also progressive artists such as the Saxophonist and flutist 'Theo Travis' who officiated among others in 'Soft Machine' and 'The Tangent'. In view of this melting-pot of artists, we imagined that the result was to give something special: indeed, 'Hurricane Esmeralda' takes us into a labyrinth of moods and styles and it takes several listenings to domesticate this album of exceptional richness. We go from the swirling 'Hurricane Esmeralda' between pop and jazz with a memorable first solo to 'Helium I' calmer and melancholy reminding me of the moods of the '70s group' Focus'. The acoustic short 'Helium II' follows, then 'Winter Mountain' is a Latin rhythmic song alternating the sweet song of 'Grog Lisee' and Niko's guitar solos close to ‘Santana’. With 'White Light', it’s a change of scenery, we return to a more energetic instrumental track with a much quieter central part to finish in a magnificent crescendo. The sequel is still full of surprises with the beautiful rock ballad 'The Strength of a Thousand Year Rose' or the very 'Floydian' 'Reverend Mum'. In summary, this new project 'Moonparticle' is a marvelous mix of different musical genres performed by talented artists and, if the diversity of genres is an asset for you, go quickly listen to this 'Hurricane Esmeralda'...

Line Up / Musicians

Niko Tsonev (Guitar), Adam Holzman (Piano), Theo Travis (Saxophone, Flute), Craig Blundell (Drums), Samy Bishai (Violin), Grog Lisee (Vocal)