Artist : Superscream

Album : The Engines Cries

Release Date : 05-05-2017

Added : 14-06-2017

'Superscream' is a French band that released a first album 'Some Strange Heavy Sound' in 2011, a set of progressive metal compositions mixing influences as diverse as classical, oriental, South American, world music and I certainly forget other. It was necessary to be well hooked and especially open to a mixture of genres to join. With this second album 'The Engines Cries', even if it stays in a very elaborate and varied progressive metal, the composer 'Phil Vermont' has moderated his intention by bringing a more melodic and classical aspect like this first title 'Evil Cream' who is eyeing groups like 'Dream Theater' or the beautiful mid-tempo 'You Necklace Of Bites'. But the diversity is still there and shows the full extent of this band with tracks like 'The Engine Cries' which starts in oriental arpeggios to move towards a melody supported by the voice of 'Eric Pariche' which reminds me of 'Ian Gillan' then the title continues on a typical tempo of progressive metal to finish on an amazing guitar solo. We could cite all the titles because they all have their own identity. In summary, 'The Engines Cries', although it will undoubtedly be reserved for a certain audience, is an album which improves progressively listening after listening and which should find a good place in the ideal disco of all amateurs of progressive metal open to a fairly broad mix of genres...

Line Up / Musicians

Phil Vermont (Guitars), Eric Pariche (Vocal), Daniel Sminiac (Guitars), Martin Mabire (Drums), Stéphane Lescarbotte (Bass)