Artist : Buffalo Summer

Album : Desolation Blue

Release Date : 27-03-2020

Added : 12-05-2020

After 'Second Sun' in 2016 which allowed me to discover the Welsh of ‘Buffalo Summer’, 2020 saw the release of a new album 'Desolation Blue'. So we find this style of the 70s with influences to legendary groups like 'Led Zeppelin' ('The Power & The Greed'), 'Status Quo' ('Hit The Ground Running'), 'Cheap Trick' ('If Walls Could Speak') or 'Deep Purple' ('Untouchable') and we could also mention as a more recent group 'Blackberry Smoke' ('The Mirror', 'Last To Know' or 'The Bitter End') with rock tones mixed with country moods and 'When You Walk Away' and 'Deep Water' tracks that smell good an energetic hard rock (you know, the one you hear before a concert to heat up an entire audience). In a slightly calmer style, we can cite the blues/rock ‘Dark Valentine’, classic but hyper effective or the ballad ‘Pilot Light’ which ends the album quietly.

In summary, this latest ‘Buffalo Summer’ takes us back a few decades back with a varied album and effective compositions that should appeal to all lovers of classic and timeless hard-rock...

Line Up / Musicians

Andrew Hunt (Vocal), Jonny Williams (Guitar), Darren King (Bass), Gareth Hunt (Drums) + Guests : Peter Buck (Guitar), Kelby Ray Caldwell (Guitar Lap Steel), Emma Bryden (Violin), Barrett Martin (Vibraphone, Percussions, Organ)