Artist : Batalion d’Amour

Album : Fenix

Release Date : 04-11-2016

Added : 08-01-2017

'Batalion d'amour' is a group of Polish which was founded more than 25 years ago and out her 6th studio album, 'Fenix' which is actually the first game to take advantage of global dissemination. The style is rock with a touch of metal from time to time and easy access from the first listen; 11 titles shared between catchy as 'Bez Nas' melodies, 'Między Slowami' yes 'Ktos Calkiem Obcy' and other more calm and melancholy as 'Charlotte', 'Zawróceni' or even the magnificent 'The Lost Diary' very bare putting forward the voice rich and sensual 'Karolina Andrzejewska' in duo with 'John Porter'. Also note that this title is the only one to be sung in English, all others being in Polish. In summary, even if they are not revolutionizing the genre, 'Fenix' is an album pleasant to listen to and accessible to as many...
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Line Up / Musicians

Karolina Andrzejewska (Vocal), Piotr Grzesik (Bass, Choirs), Robert Kolud (Guitar), Mariusz “Pajdo” Pająk (Baterrie), Mirosław Zając (Keybords)