Artist : Renaissance

Album : A Symphonic Journey

Release Date : 14-09-2018

Added : 19-11-2018

Nearly fifty years after his formation, the group 'Renaissance' led by his singer 'Annie Haslam' released a live album with the accompaniment of a chamber orchestra. In the '70s, 'Renaissance' stood out fairly quickly from other progressive rock formations by offering a mix of classical and progressive rock with a debut album 'Renaissance' released in 1969 around the same time as the first 'ELP', their styles being very close at the beginning of their career. Of course, this mix was conducive to the use of classical instruments but 'Renaissance' had never collaborated with an orchestra and it is now done with this magnificent 'A Symphonic Journey' (also available in DVD) which is proposed to us with a subtle mix between the different periods of the band: 'Prologue' starts the album for the nostalgic of the first hour (of which I am part) with the still intact vocals of Annie Haslam 'and this so characteristic voice. Following 'Trip to the Fair' from 1975 ('Scheherazade and Other Stories' album), then 'Carpet of the Sun' and 'The Harbor' still from the first period ('Ashes Are Burning' album from 1973). With the following 2 tracks, we make a leap forward with the last album represented by 'Grandine il vento' and 'Symphony of Light' to return after with 'Kalynda' ('Azure d'Or' of 1979) and 'Island' of their first album, the end of the concert ending with the band's three must-sees, first 'Mother Russia' from 'Turn of the Cards' from 1974, then 'Song of all Seasons' from 'A Song for all Seasons' by 1978 and finally the title track of the album 'Ashes Are Burning' from 1973. In summary, although some may regret the absence of other iconic titles such as 'Kings & Queens', 'Can You Understand?' Or still 'Ocean Gypsy' (and I could names others but it was necessary to choose !!), this live 'A Symphonic Journey' is a wonderful journey into the musical world of 'Renaissance' which, almost fifty years ago, was one of the bands that were at the origin of symphonic rock...

Line Up / Musicians

Annie Haslam (Vocal, Percussions), Rave Tesar (Piano), Tom Brislin (Keybords), Mark Lambert (Guitar), Frank Pagano (Drums, Percussions), Leo Traversa (Bass)