Artist : Defecto

Album : Nemesis

Release Date : 01-12-2017

Added : 20-01-2018

A 'Nemesis' can hide another because after the French of 'Mytology', it is the Danish band 'Defecto' who released his second studio album at the end of 2017 under the same name. But apart from the fact that they are both in a metal style, the comparison stops there, because 'Defecto' offers heavy metal with big guitar riffs and a singer, 'Niklas Sonne' who has a powerful voice for energetic titles like 'Savage' or 'Ode To The Damned' but who also knows how to modulate his song with slow tempos like 'The Sacrificed' or the latest track 'Ascend To Heaven' which is for me the most successful title of the record. In short, even if they do not revolutionize the genre, 'Defecto' released a varied album that should appeal to a warned audience and amateur of heavy metal...

Line Up / Musicians

Nicklas Sonne (Vocal, Guitar), Frederik Moeller (Guitar), Thomas Bartholin (Bass), Lars Jensen (Drums)