Artist : Anvision

Album : New World

Release Date : 28-10-2016

Added : 08-01-2017

A Polish group may hide another: after 'Batalion d'amour', 'Anvision' is also a group of Polish founded in 2007. they just released their 2nd album 'New World'. They officiate in a registry accessible enough melodic metal, alternating powerful titles like 'Private Paradise' or 'I m Gone Away' and other quieter as 'Season Of the Witches' or the beautiful ballad 'Gift Of Fate'. With 'Around The Corner', they offer us a composition with breaks of tempo and style that make a title varied and catchy. When to 'Lights out, Dark Comes', for more than 15 minutes it represents the centerpiece of the album and navigating in a progressive style with a multitude of nooks where you get lost and requires several listenings to the tour (there is even a small piece of the 'Moonlight' of 'Beethoven' to 7'30). In short, 'Anvision' comes out a very diverse album that should appeal to lovers of metal looking for the variety of titles and moods...
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Line Up / Musicians

Marek “MarQus” Ostrowski (Vocal), Grzegorz “Greg” Ziolek (Guitar), Waldemar “Valdi” Rozanski (Keybords), Karol “Karaluz” Wadowski (Bass), Marcin “Larz” Duchnik (Drums)