Artist : Sound Storm

Album : Vertigo

Release Date : 02-12-2016

Added : 22-01-2017

'Vertigo' is the third studio album of the Italians to 'Sound Storm' that tell us the story of Gabriel, Mariel and Alice in the island of 'Vertigo' (more details on the story (< a href = '' > here < /a >).) This tale is composed of 10 titles in an epic symphonic metal style where electric guitars and classical instruments intertwine to offer us very rich and varied compositions. After the instrumental introduction of use, 'The Dragonfly' is a title very theatrical where several atmospheres follow one another as in a classical piece: an introduction mid-tempo heavy and full of tension, and then a quick game where 'Fabio Privitera' shows us all her talent of actor/singer; as a result a part where choirs introduce an epic instrumental part and back to the fast main theme to finish with female choirs a cappella. The suite is at the same level and feels behind all the titles very important work of writing to each party to make a dense and very coherent set. In summary, with this 'Vertigo', 'Sound Storm' is still a cap and, beyond a simple album of epic metal, we offers a captivating musical fresco which holds us spellbound throughout history and will certainly be appreciated by any amateur symphonic...
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Line Up / Musicians

Fabio Privitera (Vocal), Alessandro Bissa (Drums), Elena Crolle (Keybords, Piano), Massimiliano Flak (Bass), Sascha Blackice (Guitar), Valerio Sbriglione (Guitar)