Artist : Igorrr

Album : Spirituality and Distortion

Release Date : 27-03-2020

Added : 25-05-2020

In the French musical landscape, there is a formation which looks like an extraterrestrial, I named the project 'Igorrr' led by 'Gautier Serre' which upsets musical conventions by mixing styles as distant as the bal musette , black metal, baroque music or even oriental music. 2020 sees the release of a new album 'Spirituality and Distortion' and the least we can say is that our French has not lost his inventiveness and his talent as a composer to offer us once again compositions which for the common mortal would appear like hallucinogenic delirium after a good fricassee of fly agarics. For this new baby, he has surrounded himself with a good number of artists whether they are instrumentalists or singers (see list below)

From the first track 'Downgrade Desert', we embark on an oriental atmosphere with the oud of 'Mehdi Haddab', then, after a minute, change of scenery for heavy and powerful metal which alternates with vocalizations which gradually mingle with the power of metal, then, we pass without transition to 'Nervous Waltz' with its baroque introduction which quickly turns into a waltz of death metal and 'Very Noise' is a kind of crazy sound interlude that you have to listen with the video here. With 'Hollow Tree', the harpsichord of 'Benjamin Bardiaux' meets the lyric singing, all of this wrapped in an unbridled rhythm section then, 'Camel Dancefloor' returns to oriental influences with electronic sounds in a catchy rhythm, then, the violence of an electronic death metal is brought by 'Parpaing' with 'George Fisher' to growls before a 'bal musette' 'Musette Maximum' in which the accordion of 'Pierre Mussi' makes an improbable encounter with an unleashed rhythm section. We could almost speak then of a 'conventional' title with 'Himalaya Massive Ritual' which mixes Asian influences, lyricism and heavy metal because the fusion of genres is quite impressive as in 'Lost in Introspection' in which a more classic melody played by a piano, in some jazzy places, meets the lyric singing for a rather surprising new result. We are not at the end of our surprises, because it is still the meeting between an oriental song, electronic sounds and metal that awaits us with 'Overweight Poesy' and 'Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano' continues but this time with a small passage baroque in the middle of an unleashed rhythm section and it's the first time that I pity a drumset (the title alone is already a whole program, we wonder where Gautier is going to get it all !!) then, the introduction of 'Barocco Satani' makes us change galaxies with the use of ropes in a baroque atmosphere which is short-lived because we are quickly caught up by the patrol 'metal' and we alternate the two genres on the whole title (I would see well this title in video in the same genre as the 2CELLOS with the resumption of 'Thunderstruck' from 'AC/DC'). The end of the album gives us a magnificent 'Polyphonic Rust' with the alternation between the power of the electric instruments and the refinement of the singing which is quite striking, then, 'Kung-Fu Chèvre' (another title quite improbable !! ) which alone contains all the ingredients of a Prévert's inventory to make a crazy title between fluttering accordion, goat bleats, traditional a capella song, impetuous violins and hysterical drums.

In summary, what is certain is that the productions of 'Gautier Serre' cannot leave you indifferent : either you love it because you like originality and this total freedom to grind very distant musical styles and you get carried away by this incomparable result, or you either hate it because these big musical differences are not made for your ears (or you are simply not ready); for my part, even if I listen more generally to 'more conventional' music (and it is not at all derogatory), it is pleasant, from time to time, to be shaken by as much originality and it's the case for 'Spirituality and Distortion' which asked me time to tame it but which ultimately turned out to be a high quality album...

Line Up / Musicians

Gautier Serre (Guitar, Keybords), Erlend Caspersen (Bass), Martyn Clément (Guitar), Sylvain Bouvier (Drums), Laure Le Prunenec (Vocal) + Guests : George Fisher (Vocal), Jasmine Barra (Vocal), Laurent Lunoir (Vocal), Diego Delgadillo (Growls), Matt Lebofsky (Piano), Mehdi Haddab (Oud), Mike Leon (Bass), Pierre Lacasa (Vocal), Timba Harris (Violin), Pierre Mussi (Accordion), Fotini-Asineth Kokkala (Kanoun), Benjamin Bardiaux (Clavecin), Antony Miranda (Sitar, Percussions), Alexandre Peronny (Cello), Nils Cheville (Guitar), Benjamin Violet (Violin)