Artist : Robert Plant

Album : Carry Fire

Release Date : 13-10-2017

Added : 05-01-2018

'Robert Plant', 69 years old, is back with a new album 'Carry Fire'. He is of course known to have been the singer of 'Led Zeppelin' until the separation in 1980 but his career has not stopped there because he has released a dozen of studio albums since and has always tried to get rid of the label that stuck to his skin by trying other musical directions and this latest opus still shows that he is a unique artist in the international rock scene. Nevertheless, the swaying rhythms of 'Led Zep' are still very present as for example with 'The May Queen' where it is precisely this typical tempo which embarks us for this first title containing multiple influences. We navigate in a melting pot of styles that he mixes within each title and we can hear for example appear oriental sounds in 'Carry Fire', more rock in 'New World ...', rockabilly in 'Bones of Saints' and psychedelic in the cover 'Bluebirds Over The Mountains'. In short, well surrounded by his group 'Sensational Space Shifters', 'Robert Plant' continues to offer us compositions out of the ordinary and shows once again that there is no age to make good music...

Line Up / Musicians

Robert Plant (Vocal), Billy Fuller (Bass, Drums), Dave Smith (Drums), John Baggott (Keybords, Choirs), Juldeh Camara (Choirs), Justin Adams (Guitar, Choirs), Liam 'skin' Tyson (Guitar, Banjo, Choirs) + Guests : Chrissie Hynde (Vocal), Redi Hasa (Cello), Seth Lakeman (Violin, Alto)