Artist : Battle Beast

Album : Bringer Of Pain

Release Date : 17-02-2017

Added : 20-03-2017

With this latest album 'Bringer Of Pain', the Finns of 'Battle Beast' continue to distill their energetic Heavy Metal with their 'Noora' female singer always at the top of his form. All titles are very efficacious and rapidly available with catchy choruses. But the little extra with this group is that this album doesn’t present the same style of titles : 'King For The Day' of its construction is fairly pop with a heavy sound, 'Lost In War' is a haunting mid-tempo, 'Beyond The Burning Skies' or 'Bastard Son Of Odin' is looking to symphonic metal and remind me of some of the songs of 'Nightwish' , with 'Dancing With The Beast' we meet up in the 1980s in the middle of 'Saturday Night Fever' and 'Far From Heaven' is a beautiful ballad where 'Noora' shows that she is not only a Metal singer but she has also a real sensitivity in the voice. In summary, 'Battle Beast', with this 'Bringer Of Pain', released a pretty varied album that, even if it has to disorient some purist fans, should appeal to a metal audience that give priority to diversity...

Line Up / Musicians

Eero Sipilä (Vocal / Bass), Janne Björkroth (Vocal / Keybords), Joona Björkroth (Vocal / Guitars), Juuso Soinio (Guitars), Noora Louhimo (Vocal), Pyry Vikki (Drums)