Artist : David Gilmour

Album : Live At Pompei

Release Date : 29-09-2017

Added : 07-12-2017

'Gilmour' is back in Pompei 45 years after the debut of 'Pink-Floyd' where a film had been shot in 1971 (it gives me an idea...). For the occasion, more than 2000 cinemas presented in preview this live (I must say ampute of some titles for 1h30 of concert) which allowed the fans who had not been part of the 5000 spectators of Pompei to discover this live on big screen with a sound in dolby surround which has helped from my side to increase the intensity of small thrills by listening to all these legendary titles. As you have already read all sorts of chronicles on the web (there are even some who gave their opinion before the release of the live !!), I would simply say that 'Gilmour' is always 'Gilmour', the quiet force of rock progressive over the last 50 years that continues to surround the best musicians and singers (most musicians have sung on at least one song) to offer us magical moments that over time become all timeless...

Line Up / Musicians

David Gilmour (Vocal, Guitars, Cymbales), Guy Pratt (Vocal / Bass), João Mello (Guitars, Keybords, Saxophone, Clarinette), Greg Phillinganes (Vocal, Keybords), Chester Kamen (Guitars, Harmonica), Chuck Leavell (Vocal, Keybords, Accordion), Bryan Chambers (Vocal, Choirs), Kevin McAlea (Keybords), Lucita Jules (Choirs), Steve DiStanislao (Drums, Aeoliphone)