Artist : Victim Of Illusion

Album : Invisible Light

Release Date : 20-06-2017

Added : 19-10-2017

'Victim Of Illusion' is an Italian band created in 2010 in Turin which has just released its 2nd studio album with 'Invisible Light'. They claim themselves band influences like 'Porcupine Tree', 'Opeth' or 'Riverside' and it is actually quite fair when listening to the first titles of this opus. We are in a register between rock and metal with slow structures and some titles can make think of the group of 'Steven Wilson', 'Blackfield' as the magnificent 'Let Me In The Dark' with a very calm sequence that completely envelops you. Even if the style remains rather posed, some compositions can bring, here and there, the power of the metal as for example 'Escape from Reality' which can dissuade some due to a heavy side. In short, ‘Invisible Light’ is an album that requires some time to integrate the 8 titles and is advisable to a public navigating between progressive rock and metal and loving compositions based on tempos both slow and intense...

Line Up / Musicians

Piero Giaccone (Guitar, Keybords), Paolo Gurlino (Vocal), Luca Imerito (Bass)