Artist : Trobar De Morte

Album : Ouroboros

Release Date : 29-07-2016

Added : 15-01-2017

'Trobar of dead' is a Spanish group that has almost 20 years of existence and, I confess, it's 6th album 'Ouroboros' studio that I discovered them. They evolve in a folk style with reference to mythology (Ouroboros is a snake that eats its own tail and at the same time, which symbolizes the ideas of movement, continuity, self-fertilization and, accordingly, of eternal return (wikipedia) It is transported in a folk universe alternating melodic title ('Idun', 'While The Field Is Green' or even 'Destiny') and others more introspective ('Summoning The Gods', 'Dream Vision' or even 'Yggfrasil'). The 'Lady dead' captivating voice gives a mystical side to some compositions such as these 3 beautiful songs 'Vision Dream', 'The Voice Of The Eternity' and 'Ouroboros'. In conclusion, this latest installment of 'Trobar of dead', outside the box, is a trip especially exotic and full of emotion...
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Line Up / Musicians

Lady Morte (Vocal, Flute), Hurdy Gurdy (Keybords, Compositeur), Armande (Percussions, Bass), Daimoniel (Guitar), Sined Zulim (Percussions Orientales), Üri Bokskog (Flutes, Bagpipes, Chœurs), Asenath (Violin, Choirs)