Artist : Asfalto

Album : Cronicas de un Tiempo Raro

Release Date : 03-02-2017

Added : 07-06-2017

We are now in Spain, with 'Alsfalto', which is a progressive pop/rock band that have already been around for 45 years and have released 'Cronicas de un Tiempo Raro', their 12th studio album. Their style mixes influences drawn from their descent and others in the progressive currents of the last 40 years with committed texts (political corruption, emigration, unemployment, etc…). We switch from energetic rock titles with guitar riffs like 'Lluvia de Abril', 'Paradoja' or 'Cronicas de un Tiempo Raro' to softer titles where their Hispanic sources are more present like 'Nani Albox', 'Treinta años Después' or '15 rosas negras' via pop titles such as 'Melani', 'Déjalo ser' or 'La Bestia'. In short, even if they don’t have an international fame, 'Asfalto' show that it is possible to do good progressive music by singing in his native language and 'Cronicas de un Tiempo Raro' is a record with a lot of very good surprises for all fans of the genre...

Line Up / Musicians

Julio Castejón (Vocal, Guitarre, Choirs), Paul Castejon (Vocal, Guitar, Keybords), Arturo García (Drums, Champ), Nacho de Lucas (Keybords), Pablo Ruiz (Bass), Johan Cheka (Chœurs) + Guest : John Helliwel (Saxophone, Supertramp)