Artist : Adventure

Album : New Horizons

Release Date : 25-01-2019

Added : 16-03-2019

In twenty years, 'New Horizons' is the fourth Norwegians' album of 'Adventure' which evolve in a rock of the 70s and can recall groups like 'Uriah Heep' for the energetic side but also 'Jethro Tull' for the rock/folk side. Therefore, if you are looking for novelty, go your way because we navigate in sounds and a song that make us go back 40 years. After a short instrumental introduction of very felted keyboards, 'Destiny' sets the tone by embarking us in an energetic rock where we find ourselves in the period of 'Firefly' of Uriah Heep ', then Horizon' of more than 7 minutes shows a more progressive aspect with several parts in a slower tempo. With 'Eirene (Godess of Peace)' we return to the sound of the seventies and it could be a cross between 'Uriah Heep' and 'Jethro Tull' (listen to the flute solo at 4.15), then, 'You Belong' is again a calm composition that reminds me of the beginnings of 'Status Quo' in the late 60s before they evolve to their own style. The continuation continues in this return to the 70s with among others, the short instrumental 'With Tears in their Eyes' which is very vintage, 'Lighthouse' which returns to the progressive alternating quiet parts with other more powerful but also changes of tempo, 'Here to Stay' more classic with 'Elen Cath Hopen' on vocals, 'In Search Of (A New Life)' with a beautiful duet of 'Kjell Myran' and 'Elen Cath Hopen' which reminds me of the beautiful complicity that can have 'Bryan Josh' and 'Olivia Sparnenn' of 'Mostly Autumn', the album ending with the beautiful ballad 'Refugee' still tinged 'Uriah Heep'. In short, as you will understand, the Norwegians of 'Adventure' take us back, in a very beautifully way, from few decades back with beautiful melodies easy to access and 'New Horizons' is therefore recommended to all fans. amateurs of this period who do not necessarily seek novelties at any price in the music...

Line Up / Musicians

Odd-Roar Bakken (Keybords), Terje Flessen (Guitar), Terje Craig(Bass, Vocal), Alf-Helge Lund (Drums, Percussions), Elen Cath Hopen (Vocal, Choirs, Keybords), Kjell Myran (Vocal)