Artist : SayWeCanFly

Album : Blessed Are Those

Release Date : 04-11-2016

Added : 04-01-2017

'SayWeCanFly' is the 'Branden Barrie', unknown artist in France from the Canada and who was known across the channel through You tube. He got out in 2016 'Blessed Are Those' and it is with this album that I discovered. His universe is acoustic vocals/guitar and the first title starts with a music box melody that gives way to a melancholic piano/strings part. Following the title track of the album which takes us into the atmospheric world strengthened by the reverb effect. 'I didn't Know' is a more classical singing at the 'Cat Stevens' guitar composition. Following is the picture of these first 3 titles, compositions stripped and filled with emotion that makes an endearing album that will certainly be appreciated by fans of acoustic pop of 'Blessed Are Those'...
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Line Up / Musicians

Braden Barrie (Vocal, Guitar)