Artist : Phil Lanzon

Album : If You Think I’m Crazy!

Release Date : 22-09-2017

Added : 23-12-2017

'Phil Lanzon' is simply the keyboardist of ‘Huriah Heep' since the 80s. With this first solo album 'If You Think I'm Crazy!', he embarks us for almost one hour of melodic progressive rock with obvious influences of leading groups of the progressive, like 'Genesis' for the older ones or 'Pendragon' to quote a more recent group. To implement this album, in addition to his talent as a keyboardist, he called progressive artists with 'John Mitchell' (among others 'Arena'), 'Andy Makin' and 'Andy Caine' to diversify the sung parts and a classical orchestra to enrich the symphonic side of the compositions. The titles are varied and we go from 'I Saw Two Englands' where 'Sarah Jory' accentuates the folk side with the pedal steel to a 'Lover's Highway' and its 'Kansas' side through the energetic 'The Bells' close to 'Deep Purple' or 'Carolin' where we are closer to an 'Elton John'. In short, with 'If You Think I'm Crazy!', 'Phil Lanzon' makes us travel in 40 years of heteroclite rock very accessible which should appeal to a wide audience...

Line Up / Musicians

Phil Lanzon (Keybords, Vocal), Craig Blundell (Guitar), Laurence Cottle (Bass), John Mitchell (Guitar, Vocal), James Graydon (Guitar), Sarah Jory (Banjo, Pedal steel) Joe Atkins (Trompette, Piccolo), Andy Makin (Vocal), Andy Caine (Vocal), London Telefilmonic Orchestra