Artist : Montage

Album : Metamorphosis

Release Date : 25-11-2016

Added : 28-01-2017

Formed in 2011, the Finns of 'Montage' released their 2nd album 'Metamorphosis', containing 9 tracks of classic melodic rock. From the beginning, 'Age Of Innocence' sets the scene with a verse/chorus catchy composition that hangs from the first listen. The suite brings some songs more developed as 'Metamorphosis', 'Black Magic', 'Haunted' or 'Invisible World' with its changes of rhythms and a research on instrumental parts closer to the progressive universe. About 'Death Valley', guitar riffs are more present while keeping a very classic chorus and the album ends with 'Carved In Stone', a pop style quirky title. In summary, 'Metamorphosis' is a subtle mix of progressive and melodic rock in a relatively timeless style that makes it accessible to a general public...

Line Up / Musicians

Jukka Parkas (Keybords / Choirs), Kim Etelävuori (Drums / Choirs), Roni Seppänen (Guitars / Choirs), Taneli Tulkki (Bass / Choirs), Vesa Paavonen (Vocal)