Artist : Steve Hackett

Album : Genesis Revisited Band and Orchestra – Live

Release Date : 25-10-2019

Added : 07-12-2019

'Steve Hackett' does not stop to 'revisit' the compositions of 'Genesis', because after the two 'Genesis Revisited' of 1996 (see here) and of 2012 (see here), the Live at Hammersmith concert in 2013 (see here) and the Live at the Royal Albert Hall concert in 2014 (see here), it's also a concert recorded in October 2018 at the 'Royal Festival Hall' which is released a year later with a symphony orchestra accompanying the formation of Steve. Of course, with the addition of the orchestra, the word revisited really makes sense because the instrumental arrangements are simply sumptuous, always very accurate and we rediscover all these iconic titles in a new light. At first, with the introduction of 'Dance on a Volcano', we are enveloped by the symphonic intensity and this impression does not leave us any more during the concert: 'The Steppes' which is a composition of Steve of 1980 ( album 'Defector') takes on a whole new dimension and we can not help but draw a parallel with the crescendo of the 'Bolero' by 'Maurice Ravel'; As for 'Firth of Fifth' from 1973 ('Selling England By The Pound' album by 'Genesis'), it has reached unprecedented scale and, as for' Shadow Of The Hierophant '(album' Voyage of the Acolyte 'Steve Hackett' released in 1975), for my part, it is in the quieter parts that the magic operates (beautiful performance in the singing of Amanda Lehmann ') and in the long final crescendo which gives me goose bumps at each listening. I could name all the titles and this until the two long developments 'Supper's Ready' and 'The Musical Box' which finish this concert in apotheosis. In short, as you will have understood, beyond the impeccable quality of recording and the remarqable performance of each artist, this concert is a kind of magical journey through time that makes us rediscover compositions legendary that have become timeless and, even if the CDs already offer an extraordinary listening emotion, the image certainly brings a plus (soon Christmas !!) that should further increase the pleasure of listening...

Line Up / Musicians

Steve Hackett (Guitar, Vocal), Jonas Reingold (Bass, Guitar, Vocal), Gary O'Toole (Drums, Percussions, Vocal), Roger King (Keybords), Rob Townsend (Bass, Keybords, Saxophone, Vocal), Amanda Lehmann (Guitar, Vocal), John Hackett (Flute),The Heart Of England Philharmonic Orchestra (Chef d’Orchestre : Bradley Thachuk)