Artist : MoonSun

Album : Escapalace

Release Date : 03-04-2020

Added : 22-05-2020

'MoonSun' is a German band which was created by singer 'Susanne Scherer' and multi-instrumentalist 'Thomas Kolbin' and who already has two studio recordings to her credit ('Silent Pieces' and 'Inner Clouds') and cover albums (here and here) and it is only with this new album 'Escapalace' that I discover them. I say 'only' because, after taking the time to listen to their previous productions, they were already of a very high quality with first of all 'Silent Pieces' in 2013 which was an original album in acoustics and' Inner Clouds 'in 2015 who saw the duo mature and their approach immediately made me think of the Brazilians of 'Fleesh' (see their latest album here). The comparison stops there because our German duo has always been attracted by symphonic metal and, even if we find in their cover albums quite varied styles including songs from the magnificent film 'Les Choristes' and the 'Hallehuia' from 'Leonard Cohen', also contain 'Nighwish' titles (see their latest album here) and the remarkable covers, among others, of 'Dead Boy's Poem', 'Nemo' or 'Sleeping Sun' but also 'My Immortal' from 'Evanescence' (see their latest album here).

It was then that in 2018, the duo decided to evolve towards symphonic metal with the release of an EP 'Rise And Shin' which saw 'Thomas Kolbin' swap his acoustic guitar for an electric guitar and 'Susanne Scherer' diversify her vocal register and get closer to a certain 'Tarja Turunen' (listen to 'Desire') and which also showed provisions for this style of music. And 2020 therefore sees the release of the first symphonic metal studio album and what an album !! From the first track to the last, each one is a potential single with melodies that immediately enter your head; so as not to make the title title, I will cite my favorites with the catchy 'Wanted and Wild' where everything is done to make us move in rhythm, or the mid-tempo 'Blind' which alternates in a masterful way calm and power and brings to mind the atmospheres of 'Tarja', 'Susanne Scherer' having the same charisma as the Finnish, or the magnificent ballad 'Scars' showing that Susanne knows how to modulate her voice, limpid and crystalline in the verses and powerful in the chorus or the symphonic 'Into The Fire' with its remarkable modulations between intense parts and others more moderate. Note that the duo has put online since 2019, a lot of remarkable videos on their you tube page (see here) and here are some titles form ‘Escapalace' :
- One By One.
- Wanted and Wild.
- Scars.
- Into The Fire.
- To the Sky and Back.
- Deep Within.
- Between the Flags.
- Hearing Your Scream.

In summary, in all of the symphonic metal releases this year, 'MoonSun' is without a doubt the most beautiful discovery for me and, for all lovers of symphonic metal who are fans of 'Tarja', you can go there with your eyes closed, you will not be disappointed...

Line Up / Musicians

Susanne Scherer (Vocal), Thomas Kolbin (Tous les instruments)