Artist : Crystall Ball

Album : Déjà-Voodoo

Release Date : 02-09-2016

Added : 19-01-2017

And 9 for 'Crystal Ball', who continue to regularly releasing albums since 15 years with hymns metal that charm while remaining on the margins of the general public. 'Already Voodoo' is no exception to the rule and input, we take full ears with a 'already-Voodoo' and its refrain that keeps you a whole day. Certainly, everything is very classic and 'Steven Mageney' does not necessarily shine by her singing but the titles to follow one behind the other on a train to hell with 3 vents brought by 'Home Again', 'Without A Net' and the last ballad 'To Be With You Once More'. For some titles, I'd say, 'Reaching Out' for its rhythmic mid-tempo, 'To Freedom And Progress' her later sold widely influences Western and Oriental or even 'Time And Tide' for its melody me Recalling 'Summer Sun' of 'Texas'. In short, with this latest installment, even if they bring no new 'Crystall Ball' continues its merry way and will delight no doubt any fan of this style...
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Line Up / Musicians

Steven Mageney (Vocal), Scott Leach (Guitar), Marcel Sardella (Drums), Tony "T.C." Castell (Guitar), Cris Stone (Bass)