Artist : REXORIA

Album : Queen of Light

Release Date : 19-01-2018

Added : 18-03-2018

It's still in the direction of the North that we are going with 'REXORIA' which is a Swedish band created in 2016 and evolving between melodic and symphonic metal with a female singer 'Frida Ohlin' that we could compare to what can do 'Doro'. All compositions are readily available and they have a talent for classic melodic lines but terribly effective. After the short instrumental introduction where Frida lays her voice to accentuate the atmosphere of a strange world, 'Stranded' opens the ball with a catchy first melody and then 'Queen of Light' does it again with her chorus that gets you into your head immediately. With 'Voice of Heaven', they bring a metal folk side for an entailing title and 'Way to Die' is classic metal but always catchy from the first listening. A short break with the beautiful ballad 'Song by the Angels' and it starts again for an end of opus in the image of the beginning and titles as melodic as each other. In summary, the Swedes of 'REXORIA' already show with this first album a certain maturity and 'VQueen of Light' should appeal to all lovers sailing between melodic and metal symphonic...

Line Up / Musicians

Frida Ohlin (Vocal, Keybords), Jonas Gustavsson (Bass), Cristofer Svensson (Guitar), Martin Gustavsson (Drums)