Artist : Starfish64

Album : An Altered State Of Joy

Release Date : 28-10-2016

Added : 18-01-2017

'Starfish64' is a German who has already almost 10 years of existence and who released his 5th album 'Year Altered State Of Joy'. They officiate in atmospheric rock style which is Dieter Hoffmann, the cornerstone of the group, which is not only the composer of the group but also sings, plays the guitar and keyboard. The centerpiece is the first title 'Altered States' more than 23 minutes, cut in 4 parts, that makes us take off in a calm and hovering trip where everything flows naturally. the melodies make me think of course bands like 'Pink Floyd' but also have the sweetness of some songs from 'Barclay James Harvest', but in a more progressive contemporary. Therefore, you who are looking for a way to escape, 'Year Altered State Of Joy' is the best invitation to travel and will allow you to ship to a place "where all is order and beauty, luxury, calm and pleasure"...
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Line Up / Musicians

Dieter Hoffmann (Vocal, Keybords, Guitars), Henrik Kropp (Drums), Dominik Suhl (Guitars, Keybords) + Guests : Martin Hering-Pownall (Bass), Manuel Kassühlke (Piano), Christian Leuenberg (Bass), Kass Moody (Bass ) ,Submaureen (Vocal), Jan Thiede (Guitar, Flute), Christian Wahl (Trompette)