Artist : bArtMan

Album : Crisis

Release Date : 03-08-2020

Added : 29-09-2020

German 'Torsten Bartkowiak' has different strings to his bow and music is one of them because he regularly releases albums, the last 'The Way Out' dating from 2019. 2020 sees the release of a new album in streaming for the moment (Coronavirus obliges) and on Torsten site we can read that this last opus was created during the period of confinement which allowed him to offer us 12 titles including 9 compositions and a suite of 3 atmospheric and experimental titles.

First of all, let's take a look at the 'Crisis' sequel and if you're a late of 60s Pink Floyd lover, you're definitely going to be on familiar ground as we are so closer of atmospheres of 'Ummagumma', an essential opus that still makes a reference in experimental music : everything is there to immerse us in these atmospheric ambiance of this era of sound pioneers, the 3rd part being more classic in the structure (besides Tortsen often refers to 'Floyds' with, for example, the album of 'Goodbye Cruel World' whose title reminds us all 'The Wall' and whose cover brings together an old factory and a cow). These three remarkable compositions are sandwiched by other more classic titles, with first of all songs in which Tortsen poses his deep voice, like 'Fraud' which opens the album, in a tormented atmosphere that can be likened to style characteristic of 'Roger Waters' or as 'Apology', 'A New Chance' or even 'Dark Thoughts' which continue in the same vein, then then, four instrumentals which each have a particular texture : first of all the calm 'The Dream' puts forward a piano accompanied by layers of keyboards with a repetitive melody, then, 'Awaken' is more energetic with a strong rhythmic section, while remaining quite linear in construction. As for the last two tracks, first 'New Beginning' is a progressive instrumental which makes successive different tempos on a very accessible melody, then, 'The Last Temptation' closes the album with electronic effects that would not have denied 'Jean- Michel Jarre' while maintaining an atmospheric ambiance.

In summary, even if it does not revolutionize progressive rock, 'Torsten Bartkowiak' continues on his way by offering us a new album (and yes, already the 9th !) very pleasant to listen to and which should appeal to all those who are fans of 'Pink Floyd'...

Line Up / Musicians

Torsten Bartkowiak (Vocal, Tous les instruments)