Artist : Stefanie

Album : Stefanie

Release Date : 24-02-2017

Added : 28-03-2017

A young and beautiful American girl, author and singer, 'Stefanie Johnson' released her first album 'Stefanie'. Unlike the current wave which overwhelm us every day on the radio of electronic insipid female singers, 'Stefanie', with a voice of classic rock, choose a different route, surrounding herself with talented musicians and a producer 'Brian J. Anthony' who is also a musician and who had been able to arrange compositions to get a sound mixing rock pop and folk. Musically, it's very melodic and all the 11 titles alternate a rhythmic rock like 'All I Know', 'Master Of Disguise' or 'Stranger', other more pop like 'Everything You Need', 'One Life' or 'The Second Time Around' and finally beautiful ballads like 'Word Man', 'Hello Love', 'We Will Fight' or even 'The Song I Was Meant To Write' where 'Stefanie' reveals all her sensitivity. In short, with this self-titled debut album and very melodic compositions, ‘Stefanie Johnson’, even if she doesn’t revolutionize the genre, is a very nice surprise in this beginning of 2017...

Line Up / Musicians

Stefanie Johnson (Vocal), Brian J. Anthony (Guiae, Bass, Drums, Keybords), Paul Franceschini (Guitar) + Guests : Paul Crook (Guitar), Ken Dubman (Guitar), Charlie Calv (Keybords), Hasan Smith, Tonya Price, Shekinah Glory Kee (Choirs)