Artist : Sole Syndicate

Album : Into The Flames

Release Date : 17-06-2022

Added : 13-07-2022

In my playlist of Rock and hard albums-melodic rock of the second half of 2020, I introduced you to the Swedes of 'Sole Syndicate' who released their 2nd studio recording 'Last Days of Eden'. Always led by singer and guitarist 'Jonas Månsson, they are doing it again with a new album, 'Into The Flames', well filled since it totals 65 minutes of listening, and the line-up has undergone some changes at the section level guitar, since the two guitarists present on the previous album have left the group, and 'Katja Rasila' adds a keyboard section to modulate the ardor of the saturated guitars.

From the start, with the first three titles 'Forsaken', 'Count to Zero' and 'Brave Enough', we embark on big sound and catchy melodies, keyboardist 'Katja Rasila' allowing the group to bring a binder to the whole. Among the powerful hits, we can also mention the fast 'Miss Behave', the huge 'Dust of Angels' with its addictive chorus and the second part of the album has nothing to envy to the first with a 'Sunset Strip' with AOR looks, the mid-tempo 'Do You Believe' and 'Freak Like Me' with their marked rhythm and their memorable refrains or the catchy and powerful 'Back Against the Wall'. In the middle of all this energy deployed, the Swedes offer us breaks with the magnificent 'Shadow of My Love' to add to the best power metal ballads but also, the power ballad 'In the Absence Of Light' with its very beautiful breaks still putting forward 'Katja Rasila', this time on the piano. And to end this superb album, the 10 minutes of 'Back Against the Wall' takes us a long development alternating quiet sections and other more energetic ones bringing a good dose of progressive, the whole continuing to benefit from accessible melodic lines.< /br>
In summary, the Swedes of 'Sole Syndicate' release a second album in which scroll titles which could each have been the subject of a single which should make people happy and happy not only among fans of the group but also among all those who navigate between hard rock and powerful and catchy melodic metal at first listen...

Line Up / Musicians

Jonas Månsson (Vocal, Guitar), Katja Rasila (Keybords), Henrik Zetterlund (Drums), David Gustafsson (Bass)