Artist : Angel Nation

Album : Aeon

Release Date : 27-10-2017

Added : 31-12-2017

It is still a Finnish band that offers us a new album in a symphonic metal style. 'Angel Nation', led by 'Elina Siirala' (who is now the singer of 'Leave's Eyes' to replace 'Liv Kristine'), released their second studio album 'Aeon' (the first album 'Tears Of Lust' had been released under the name of 'Eenkelination' which was the Finnish translation of the new name). With 'Burn The Witch', they set the scene with a super-effective song and a chorus that immediately enters in the head like bands as 'Delain' or 'Nightwish'. With 'Wonder Who You Are', the introduction reminds me of '500 Letters' of 'Tarja' and 'Elina Sjirala' who has a classical background, shows us in 'Music Plays' that she has all the assets to rise to the level of her illustrious compatriot. In addition, the female singer is accompanied by talented musicians and we can also note an irreproachable production. In summary, 'Angel Nation' already shows all the great qualities of a symphonic metal band and 'Aeon' is a very nice surprise 2017 for all fans of this style of music and we can only wish them the best for the future hoping that ‘Elina' should not choose between 'Leave's Eyes' and 'Angel Nation'...

Line Up / Musicians

Elina Siirala (Vocal, Keybords), Julia (Bass), Ben. (Drums), Shadow (Guitar) + Guests : Jukka Pelkonen (Vocal)