Artist : Liquid Wolf

Album : Second Wind Part 2

Release Date : 17-06-2017

Added : 24-09-2017

'Liquid Worlf' is a Finnish progressive music band which has already released 2 albums, the last of which is 'Second Wind Part 1' from 2016. Then, 'Second Wind Part 2' is the sequel which takes us in a world mixing acoustic and electric instruments and where the instrumental parts take precedence over the sung parts in multipart compositions. The first track, 'Time, running', offers a light introduction with the use of a carillon, then an acoustic guitar invites oneself to accompany the short part sung; the second part of the title introduces electric instruments and drums for an end with a 'Pink-Floydien' electric guitar solo. The following tracks are closed of this first track, mixing powerful parts and other calm always in an atmospheric style where guitar solos, saxophone, flute and clarinet reinforce the aerial side. In short, 'Liquid Wold', with 'Second Wind Part 2' come out a varied album of progressive music not necessarily accessible from the first listen and which should therefore be reserved for an informed public, lovers of flying atmosphere...

Line Up / Musicians

Sami Sarhamaa (Guitar, Keybords, Choirs), Samu Wuori (Bass), Teijo Tikkanen (Vocal, Keybords), Sami Kuoppamäki (Drums), Pepa Päivinen (Saxophone, flûtes, Clarinette), Pekka Nyman (Percussions, Carillon)