Artist : Benjamin Simpson

Album : Broken Figurines

Release Date : 29-01-2019

Added : 22-03-2019

Apart from a short presentation on the very good site 'New Prog Releases', the latest album of 'Benjamin Simpson', 'Broken Figurines' do not make the buzz on the web but this young American has already released 2 solo albums and 'Broken Figurines' is the latest in date. Also note that he has also a project with the band 'Mother Fore' (see here). At the first chords, even if the production is still to improve, I found myself in a well known atmosphere with very strong references to 'Roger Waters' in the period 'The Wall' and 'The Final Cut' and after in his solo albums. The eponymous title of the album consists of 3 parts, firstly a reference to the rhythm of ‘One Of These Days’ mixed with 'Waterian' melodic lines, then the second part takes up the theme in a intimist way, with piano accompaniment, in the manner of the melodic lines of 'Vera' in 'The Wall' and finally, with the last part, the theme comes back and it’s mixed with a sampled speech which obviously recalls the political attacks of Roger and in general, Benjamin commits himself in the same way as his model. The rest of the album brings us back to this parallel with for example 'Society of Playing Cards' and a double singing or 'Flower Sequence' with this phrasing on the acoustic guitar inherited from the great tradition of the American song or 'Condemmed’ and this so characteristic voice screamed. In summary, with 'Broken Figurines', it's impossible not to refer to the iconic 'Roger Waters' : 'Benjamin Simpson' shows his whole attachment to the American artist and, given these early compositions, he has largely the capacity to evolve to not stay in the shadow of the master but to find his own way to forge his own style...

Line Up / Musicians

Benjamin Simpson (Tous les instruments, Vocal) + Guests : Lucas Adcock (Guitar), Henry Rose (Bass), Ben Keating (Drums)