Artist : JeanJeanne

Album : JeanJeanne

Release Date : 15-10-2016

Added : 03-02-2017

'JeanJeanne' is the meeting of 'Cristine Merienne' singer and 2 harpists ' Alice Soria-Cadoret' and 'Robertle Cadoret'. This short debut album (we would have liked a little more) shows us their universe, between pop, rock and blues with texts in French and one title in German. The compositions are sought at both lyrics and music level with a very successful integration of electric harps bringing a light side. You can see multiple influences from the French’s chanson and rock bands of the 1970s due to the sound, but they bring a new wind through an atmosphere mixing sweetness and aggressiveness with this flair to combine tensions and relaxations. In summary, this 'JeanJeanne' is a very good surprise for 2016 out of the uniformity of the French song and all we can hope to our ‘Brestois’ is to meet the public they merit...

Line Up / Musicians

Cristine Merienne (Vocal), Alice Soria-Cadoret (Harp électrique), Nikolaz Cadoret (Harp électrique), Yvon Molard (Drums)