Artist : After The Fall

Album : Early Light

Release Date : 14-02-2018

Added : 26-03-2018

'After The Fall' is an American group that had its debut in the 80's and just released 'Early Light' which is really its 7th album (Spotify mixing other albums from other artists under their name but their 3 opus present on Spotify are 'The Living Drum' from 2001, 'Knowledge' from 2006 and 'Before ...' from 2010). Their style is influenced by the main progressive rock bands of the '70s with raids into jazz, and the first names that come to my mind are 'Emerson, Lake & Palmer' and 'Yes'. Except one title, their compositions are long or even very long (more than 18 minutes for 'Early Light') and it takes several listening to enter their universe. The retro-prog side is accentuated by the use of keyboards close to 'ELP' as for example in 'Promotheus' and the instrumental parts often take precedence over the sung parts but they also offer us titles where 'Mark Benson' shows all his singing talents, such as the very melodic 'The Weaver Watcher and the Cutter' or the very short song 'Infinity 4' and the last track 'Light in the Night' sums up very well the album with its typically progressive construction and its multiple drawers. In short, the Americans of 'After The Fall' release a very good progressive rock album to tame listening after listening and 'Early Light' should appeal to all fans of progressive rock of the 70s...

Line Up / Musicians

Mark Benson (Vocal, Guitar), Ken Archer (Keybords), Marc Dupuis (Drums), Rich Kornacki (Drums), Jim Rosati (Bass), Jon Quinn