Artist : John Hackett Band

Album : We Are Not Alone

Release Date : 29-09-2017

Added : 04-01-2018

In the family 'Hackett', I would like the little brother... I have !! John, who has long been in the shadow of his brother, has just released with the 'John Hackett Band' a first album 'We Are Not Alone' which includes 2 CDs with a studio recording and a live for total more than 2 hours of music. Musically, we are in progressive rock and the influences go from 'Genesis' to 'Santana' ('Nick Fletcher' reminds me a little the guitar game of 'Carlos Santana') through 'Alan Parsons Project' and obviously 'Jethro Tull' (John is also flutist) with a gift for melodic compositions and relatively accessible. The live part takes up most of the tracks from his solo album 'Another Life' and some tracks from 'We Are Not Alone'. In summary, 'We Are Not Alone' is a very good progressive album in the great tradition of great bands of the 70s/80s and 'John Hackett' shows that Steve is not the only one of the family to have talent...

Line Up / Musicians

John Hackett (Guitar, Keybords, Flute, Vocal), Nick Fletcher (Guitar), Jeremy Richardson (Bass, Vocal), Duncan Parsons (Drums, Vocal)